As the Women and Democracy Association, we are delighted to be home to this exhibition, which mirrors the period of February 28th.

February 28 was the first day of an unforgettable period in our country where women were subjected to discrimination and left deep traces in our memory. "You're More Beautiful This Way" was a consolation sentence frequently expressed for women to accept the conditions they were obliged to participate in social life. This promise, which spread from the persuasion rooms, was a reflection of the tutelage trying to capture our lives in waves, overshadowing our sense of self-worth. At that time, some women began to be carefully excluded from the public sphere due to their lifestyle. Some young girls and girls were denied their right to education. In many families, at least one of the spouses or children got caught up in the policies of the prohibitionist mindset, and their lives changed in ways they never expected. Some families broke up, some families never got together.

When we look today, we see that this period, when the democratic rights of women such as getting education, working in public and being visible in the public space were suspended, are among the most significant effects that revive the spirit of KADEM. Especially as an NGO that combines the concepts of women and democracy under the same roof, we care about the survival of what happened in that period in our social memory.

We believe that this special representment, which offers the opportunity to evaluate the period from a panoramic perspective, is an important observation opportunity for reading the transformation of social reality, and we believe it will be a source of inspiration for recent history studies.


KADEM Women and Democracy Association